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Community-Led Initiatives

Justice Fund collaborates and co-creates creative opportunities with communities in conflict with the law.

Our extensive network allows us to secure unique collaborations with community partners, funders and government stakeholders that communities in conflict with the law may otherwise not have access to.

Today, violence in Toronto continues to be a growing problem. The number of Toronto shootings rose 121% between 2013 and 2017, and rose 176% between 2014 and 2019. No one is more impacted by violence than youth who experience poverty and lack of support, which leads to an increased risk of encountering the criminal justice system.

Image Credit: The Kickback & Jamal Burger

Throughout our work, Justice Fund will ensure all civic support for underserved communities prioritizes the perspectives of people with lived experiences in the justice system.

The highest rates of youth poverty are among Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, and newcomer families. 84% of Indigenous families in Toronto live in poverty and 33% of BIPOC children in Toronto live in low-income communities.

Investing in early childhood well-being, and socio-economic opportunities for youth engaged in violence is considerably more effective than increased policing and incarceration.

We must find innovative ways to support youth and the community groups that serve them – for as long as necessary. Setting aside our own expectations and preconceptions, we must listen to what youth need from us and learn to value their knowledge and lived experiences.

Image Credit: The Kickback & Jamal Burger


ELEVATE & Justice Fund

Elevate and Justice Fund are engaged in a partnership, with Justice Fund taking on the role as a community launch partner on the Elevate Talent Initiative.

Elevate Talent is a comprehensive rapid workforce development program for under-represented communities that matches training to the 80,000+ open jobs in the tech, digital and corporate in the GTHA alone. This program aims to remove barriers to career advancement and support the growth of under-represented talent in technology and innovation-based organizations, start-ups and the creative industries.

Through intentional, inclusive and accessible program design, Elevate Talent is built on the foundations of empowering communities to thrive through career development and promote economic mobility and growth for a better and stronger economy.

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Tim HOrtons Foundation Camps, 40 foundation & justice fund

Launching in 2021, 40 Foundation, Justice Fund and our partners at Tim Hortons Foundation Camps have collaborated to build an impactful program where youth develop meaningful and transferable skills. 

Founded in 1974, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping youth change their stories. A leader in youth development programming, Tims Camps support youth from under-resourced communities through repeated, camp-based experiences. Tims Camps believe in the power of camp and community; and leverage the camp experience as a catalyst for change.

More than 300,000 youth have experienced Foundation programming at no cost to them or their families.