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Our Story

Justice Fund Toronto is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting communities in conflict with the law through three strategic priorities; supporting community-led initiatives, reforming philanthropy and creating community infrastructure in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Justice Fund is dedicated to the social and economic wellbeing of communities within the GTA. Violence in Toronto continues to be an increasing challenge and youth who experience poverty are impacted more by this violence than any other demographic.  

We are built on the belief that when provided with opportunities to thrive, under-resourced communities become less violent, thus breaking the cycle of conflict.

Image Credit: Kickback Connect and Jamal Burger

Guiding Principles

Value Youth Voice & Experience

The voices and lived experiences of communities in conflict with the law inform our decision-making process, the nature of our support, and our organizational growth. We see the potential for youth in conflict with the law to become leaders and contributors in their respective communities.

Address the Impact of TraumA

Our engagement and approach is trauma-informed. Wherever possible, we will ensure youth and their families receive adequate and appropriate mental health support.

Seek to Create Long-Term and Supportive RelationshipS

We remain engaged with program participants and community partners for many years. By creating long-term relationships, we are working toward creating an ecosystem of support between alumni and community partners.

Prioritize Co-Creation with Non-Profit Sector

We are committed to collaborating with existing community partners and helping them amplify their impact just as much as our own.

Invest in Evidence-Based Solutions

Our decision making is research driven and outcomes-based, our process ensures we are respectful of community voices.

Remain Adaptive

We will review our strategies regularly to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Justice Fund is committed to building safer communities by providing flexible, long-term support and advocacy to communities in conflict with the law and to the community groups that serve them.



Yonis Hassan

Co-Founder and CEO

Noah '40' Shebib


Jermyn Creed

Co-Founder and Director of Community Engagement

Jenno Almasol

Director of Community Partnerships

Amanda Blair Roberson

Director of Community Impact

Meagan Barnes

Director of Operations